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ALJ is Nature’s Sunshine Products nutritional supplement for allergies. ALJ is formulated from plants that have known effectiveness in mitigating the manifestations of allergies. We’re living in an increasingly ‘dirty’ world. Whereas before, when man’s progress was just a little bit over what nature has provided him, people lived in a pristine environment where the allergies that the early man got were from the natural things around him. But nothing stopped man’s progress and along with the development of his brain came the ability to invent things. With some of these inventions came some new irritants to his immune system. That’s why nobody nowadays is spared from some sort of allergy. There are some tested ways to mitigate the manifestations of an allergy. One homeopathic based cure is to subject the person to small doses of the substance he’s allergic to. While this is good in boosting the person’s immunity level to one that can counteract the action of the allergen, it is the determination of the dose of allergen that is at question. The best way to combat an allergy is to prep the body’s immune system to counter all kinds of allergen. This way, no amount of allergen, whether small or large, can trigger the body’s immune system to manifest some discomfort of the body.

For those who know nutritional supplementation and who know of Nature’s Sunshine Products, they should know that ALJ is one of the best selling product of Nature’s Sunshine to combat allergies. ALJ is formulated from boneset aerial parts, fennel seeds, horseradish root extract and mullein leaves extract. According to herbal medicine experts, intake of ALJ encourages the entire respiratory tract to cleanse itself and helps in overall respiratory tissue health. Traditionally, each of the components of the nutritional supplement was taken in liquid form and taken individually. Only advances in herbal medicine research have resulted in combining these ingredients for one effective allergy treatment. The beauty of taking these nutritional supplements is that they can fortify the body when the allergy season is out, so that when allergy season comes in, the body is strong enough to defend itself from any inhaled airborne allergens. And with the body’s immune system fortified, it doesn’t matter if the allergen is natural or man-made, a strong body with a fortified immune system will mobilize enough defenses to counter its debilitating effects on the body. And the principle works not only for allergies, but even for common maladies that the body suffers as the seasons change.

If you are looking for good nutritional supplements like ALJ, there’s nobody better who sells Nature’s Sunshine Products than NaturallyHerbs. At NaturallyHerbs, you can get all the nutritional supplements your body needs at competitive prices. NaturallyHerbs passes on the savings to you because it leverages its bulk buying to get wholesale prices for its purchases from Nature’s Sunshine Products. And that’s good news to you because the more you buy, the more you save. And the more you save, the more money you have to buy more nutritional supplements. Your body has a lot of nutritional supplementation needs and if your aim is to lead a stress-free and disease free life, you can support the alternative lifestyle you lead with nutritional supplements that helps guard your body against the ravages of aging and disease. Being disease-free isn’t just a matter of taking in nutritional supplements to ward of diseases but it is more like the awareness of our bodies, of what we put in it, of what we make it do and how to make good choices of what to put in our bodies and what activities we want to do. And it’s all possible, with a little help from NaturallyHerbs in terms of the Nature’s Sunshine products it sells.


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